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Residential Plumbing 

Four Elements Plumbing Inc. believes that you should become familiar with your buildings plumbing structure.  Basic knowledge of your home’s plumbing can greatly reducing possible water damage during a plumbing crisis.  Before we leave ask our people where all your shut off valves are located.

There are two distinct plumbing systems in buildings. 

One plumbing system brings fresh water in through pressurized pipes so that clean water can reach the fixures.  The second system is the drainage system in your house used to remove your wastewater. 

Apart from the downward tilting pipes which transport wastewater away from your residence, qualified flow of wastewater is made sure by air admitted into the drainpipes from vents protruding by virtue of the roof.  A trap, the curved section of the drainpipe attached to every fixture, keeps unpleasant odors and sewer gases from entering your home.  Working together, these elements make up a fully-functioning and reliable plumbing system. Tubs, faucets, toilets, showers as well as sinks are all generally known house fixtures.  Pipes remit water to all fixtures, and drain pipes eliminate wastewater from them.  Each plumbing fixture presents its own exclusive troubles, however if a fixture has a leak or a broken pipe the primary course of action is the same for all fixtures: seek the shutoff valve near the fixture and turn it off.  Regular maintenance will certainly help you prevent fixture-related complications, so ask your professional Los Angeles plumber to check those fixtures along with house products which require steadfast water supply.

Plumbing repairs

Plumbing work is an inseparable part of household and bathroom remodeling projects.  Rerouting pipes and drainage structures, adding current plumbing fixtures, sealing leak sources and repairing toilets, sinks, showers, water heaters and bathtubs–.

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Ask about our safe drinking water solutions and whole house filtering products.  More and more people are installing filtering systems to improve the quality of the water used in their homes. 

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